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/ Contact Me

  • E-Mail: jdpaint@qq.com
  • Twitter: @iwoodcarving
  • Tencent: 576434330
  • Website:www.hudawei.com

/ About me

  • Name: Dawei Hu
  • Nick: Davi
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Dongyang,Zhejiang,China

/ Site Introductions

This is my personal website.

It is a platform where I share my interests and experiences with you.

You may think that the owner of the website should be a crazy fan or a professional guy to collect so many resources.

I am a normal person with normal work in fact.

Almost of the resources came from the internet ,you just need some patience to read and learn.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to me if you thought that something is useful here.

It will be a great encouragement for me to do it better.

Thank you !

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